Biological Pest Control Examples in UK Horticulture: A Focus on Beneficial Nematodes

Biological Control Offers A Range Of Natural Solutions For Managing Pests In UK Gardens. Read More As I  Delve Into The Fascinating World Of Parasitic Wasps, Ladybirds, Nematodes & Bacteria That Serve Us In The Battle Against Pests. Read How To Use Biological Pest Control To Promote A Healthy Ecosystem By Using Natural Organisms To Fight The Pests That Destroy Our Plants.… More Leave a comment

Rats In Gardens & Allotments

Rats Are Everywhere, But When Seen In Gardens & Allotments Cause Health Contamination Concerns. Here’s How Can Garden Rats Be Controlled? Rats are ubiquitous and can be found in many environments, including gardens and allotments in the UK. While they are often regarded as harmless scavengers, the presence of rats in these areas can raise health concerns due to the potential for contamination of fruits, vegetables, and other edible plants.… More 2 responses