Fungi, With Their Beautiful Above Ground Fruiting Bodies aka Mushrooms, Compete With Flowers As Being The Most Colourful, Vibrant and Fascinating Visual Displays In Nature.

Beautiful mushrooms surround us, but are frequently hidden from view or  too small to see. But, where observed, they portray a world of stunning beauty, vivid colours, intricate detail and intricate form.

Imagine a flower as intricate as the Lion’s Mane fungi, or as colourful as the Scarlet Elf Cap or Orange Peel fungus.

The above are all to be seen local to my garden in Devon, as are those rarer fungi recently discovered at The Donkey Sanctuary in the woods and fields close to my home.

Button course fungi aren’t limited to my locality. They are found worldwide and are part of a vast ecological network that spans the world. In our gardens fungi form relationships with our fruit and vegetables, where they often form a symbiotic relationship I describe in this series of articles on fungi. The first fungal article can be found here. 

The very names we use for fungi evoke memories of fairy stores, of elven folk and magic. And yet is the magic just a story or myth? To me, fungi are magical. Their beauty is beyond what I can write here and can only be understood and appreciated when viewed.

Getting out into the woods and fields isn’t easy for everyone so I searched for a video to give you a glimpse of the beautiful mushrooms that live most of their life hidden from view and are only seen when their fruiting bodies, what we generically call mushrooms, appear for a short time each year.

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