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This is how I would use grass mowings in your garden to save you money and time as well as nourish your soil and plants.

Leave mowings on the lawn

This allows the lawn to retain moisture and nutrients. The mowings also shades the soil and keeps temperatures down. Obviously if the grass is left too long the grass will be long and leave a mashed up mess of lumpy wet grass and that isn’t ideal. But if you cut before it gets too long then the “arisings” are minimal and soon drop between the grass to do their job of protecting the soil and feeding the soil and subsequently the plants.

I’m not advocating all grass should be cut regularly. I like to see some areas left long for wildflowers and wildlife. Cutting these areas twice a year is the way forward if you want to protect the environment.

Use clippings as mulch

Using grass as a mulch
Using grass as a mulch

Grass clippings can be used as mulch around the garden and potted plants to retain moisture and suppress weeds. I use grass clippings on all my veg beds where I sprinkle it between plants. This suppresses weeds and stops the soil surface drying out in hot windy weather.

Some people argue that it takes nitrogen from the soil and deprives the plants. that’s not true in my experience. See the healthy looking multi sown plants in the photo for instance. Nitrogen is only taken where the soil and grass contact .. and the nitrogen robbing only goes a millimetre or so deep. Then when the grass decomposes it gives back nitrogen.

Clearly it isn’t wise to have a load of weed seeds in the mown grass when using it for mulching. But if this the case you can use them for composting.

Composting grass clippings

Grass clippings can be composted to create nutrient-rich soil amendment. If composted on their own they soon result in a gooey, smelly mess as the air is excluded. But mix them with some “browns”, more fibrous materials such as leaves, twigs, paper or card and they soon heat up and form perfect compost. The heating up destroys the weed seeds so there are no later issues.

Make fertiliser tea

Some people advocate using Grass clippings to make a grass tea fertiliser. I’m not an advocate of this myself. The method is to steep the grass in water to create a nitrogen-rich fertiliser tea for plants. The problem is it can soon become an evil smelling brew that is not very nitrogen rich. I’m sure someone is going to comment blow about how their compost tea never smells .. but I’ve seen too much of this evil brew to be easily convinced that it smells good!

Use clippings in new garden beds

Grass clippings can be lasagne layered much along the lines of The Ruth Stout method,with other materials to provide nutrients, organic matter and to retain moisture.

These are just some of the ways you can use mown grass in the garden. If you know more then please comment below.

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