You May Not Know Steve Axford’s Name, But You Will Have Seen His Fungi Photos. You’ll Have Seen His Work Being Discussed By David  Attenborough & Seen It On Other Fungi Programmes.

This Is Steve Axford’s Story. Or Perhaps It’s The Story of Fungi themselves .. You Decide.

Steve’s fungi photography focuses on beauty and scientific accuracy and have been featured  in national and international media. His work is revered by mycologists and the public, globally.

With photographs featured in international books and magazines, including: Nat Geographic Magazine across Europe, as well as in the 2014 International Union for the Conservation of Nature ‘Red List of Threatened Species’, as well as on various international conservation calendars, Steve is highly acclaimed.

What has really caught the publics imagination, beyond his superb photographic stills, are the Steve’s fungi time-lapse scenes. They were featured on were featured BBC Planet Earth and caught the imagination of millions.

In this video you’ll see fungi as perhaps you’ve never seen them before.

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