What Is A Seed?

Seeds Are Nature’s Miracles. Perfectly packed plants, in a protective coating, waiting to grow. Or put another way they are plant embryos bursting with potential. A comparison of vegetable seed sizes Of course these definitions won’t satisfy the scientists, biologists and botanist amongst us.… More

Growing Crops in Polytunnels: The Pros, Cons & Other Considerations

Growing Crops in Polytunnels: Tunnels Are Lower Cost Than Greenhouses & Have Many Advantages Including Many Crops, Such as Salad Crops Love Them. Growing Crops in Polytunnels Can Start with Mini Tunnels In this post I’m briefly looking at the advantages and disadvantages of tunnels over other growing methods and locations, what you should consider before ordering or buying a polytunnel, what crops are best grown in them and how growing in them differs from in greenhouses and outside.… More