From Garden Rooms to Garden Dreams

Once one knows how the garden is going to work and where paths/patios/seating areas are going to be, it is possible to step away at this stage for at least 48 hours giving a chance to re-assess the design. With fresh eyes it is a good idea to walk through the garden at different times of the day and see how the design will feel when built; if one is happy after the re-assessment, the next stage is questioning.… More Leave a comment

What To Sow In February In The UK

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With The Days Getting Longer, What to Sow in February In The UK Is Being Asked By Many Gardeners. And Of Course, It’s Tempting to Sow & Plant A Lot of Seeds This Month, But We Need To Be Aware of Which Seeds Will Prosper, Inside & Out, And Which Will Die! … More 4 responses