Gardening “is like a box of chocolates”, except, with gardening, you pretty much know what you’re going to get with careful planning.

Simplicity or “minimalist” is very restful for the soul and mind both in gardening and in life, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t mix gardening styles! 

If you enjoy certain flowers, repeat some of them throughout the space to bring different areas together, or when mixing styles bring some of the plants from the first area into the next zone. 

Short on space or you don’t like the look of a vegetable garden? Blending vegetables into borders can appear very creative and arty. I particularly like the structural vivid colour of purple broccoli. 

The same can be done by keeping hard landscaping simple and perhaps zoning from a hard/patio seating area into softer planting with perhaps gravel; this can look right if a few of the patio slabs are added into the gravel. Stepping-stones in gravel also allow one to pass through the space at a slower pace to appreciate the planting even more.

It is important, when blending areas, spaces feel like they work together. Adding colour, shape or form can blend the composition together in the same way artists blend a pallet when painting a picture. Overcomplicating “mix and match” gardening can end up confused and unrelaxing, so get creative, but don’t get lost in the moment with too much going on.

To sum up, mixing is fine, but the feeling of the areas or zones working together so nothing feels out of place is key. See my earlier blog ‘The EsSensual garden

Thanks to Stuart Bugby of Stugardens Design for this article


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