Mother nature provides us all with a beautiful canvas to put our mark on!
It is no coincidence, that the colour green is the most calming of all colours and plays a major role in natures pallet;
but how do we enhance this with our own interpretation and style?

Contemporary design has remained at the forefront of garden design for many years evolving into a ‘simple is always best’ approach. Grey is the name of the day and as a receding colour allows the planting to ‘sing’ even more. 

Garden Design: Using wooed brings a naturalness to what might otherwise be a harsh design

Patios and pathways are often created now with no joints between the slabs giving a sleek finish. Clean rendered walls, painted in simple white or grey, brings a space together.

Garden Design: Green is a restful colour

For me personally, I like to add at least one type of wood element into a design (whether used on walls or within pathways) bringing a “naturalness” into what could predominately feel too cold if over-used. 

Garden Design: Not using joints between slabs gives a sleek look

Cedar or larch are big favourites. Consider leaving gaps between slats in boundary walls allowing light to pass through, not only illuminating the space but giving one a feeling of the garden being larger.

Alternatively, and in complete contrast to contemporary; cottage styles use curves or natural flowing shapes to accentuate the organic rhythm of both planting and pathways.

Rules are flexible and modern houses don’t always require contemporary gardens? A carefully designed cottage garden style can often soften the harsh structure of new builds: sourcing brickwork that compliments the modern build, or gravel that allows planting to roam free? One could always add pockets of planting as if nature has “crept” into the hardscaping adding to this quaint garden style.

Planting bulbs, perennials, flowering shrubs, roses and climbers keeps the design very informal.

Thanks to Stuart Bugby of for this article.

GardenDesign: simple seating in a pink and red garden
Garden Design using roses and a simple bench

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