Here’s An Unusual Onion Growing Technique That Seed Companies And Most Gardeners Neglect. But I Do It Every Year And Get Double Value Crops!

An Unusual Onion Growing Technique Using Spring Onions
An Unusual Onion Growing Technique

It’s such an unusual way to grow onions that I never see mentioned by anyone but me! And I know it works because I’ve been doing it for years. It’s using spring onions to grow both the normal spring onion crop BUT then allowing any I’ve not pulled to grow into full sized onions. Spring onions are what my American friends call scallions but the Unusual Onion Growing Technique is no different.

Most people don’t imagine that spring onions ever bulb up, but they do. After the spring onion stage they produce glistening white bulb onions that are mild and tasty. I say white, but of course there are also red spring onions. I’ve never grown them s bulbs but assume they would produce red or pink bulb onions.

My Unusual Onion Growing Sowing Method Explained

So in late summer and autumn I sow multi seeded modules with White Lisbon variety spring onions and grow them through the winter, pulling them as I need them. Then any that haven’t been harvested get left to mature into bulb onions. They are nice and early as they are effectively overwintered onions.

My An Unusual Onion Growing Technique suing spring onions to produce bulb onions

I also multi-sow modules in February for both spring onions and bulb onions. They come in after the overwintered crop but before sets or seed sown crops of bulb onions. 

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#BiteSizedGardening #Gardening #Vegetables #veg #fruitandveg #allotment #biointensive

3 thoughts on “An Unusual Onion Growing Technique

  1. Catherine says:

    Someone mentioned that it’s time to plant onion seeds now. Will this method work the same?

    1. Stefan Drew says:

      Multi-sowing onions in modules is something many gardeners do. I do the same with shallots.

      1. Catherine says:

        Thank you. I’ll give it a go.

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